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Stop the resolution revolution and be resolute about a routine!

Monday, 23 December 2013

New Year’s Eve approaches and the countdown to comparing our resolutions with one another begins, more often than not,  in the knowledge we might have made an overzealous demand on ourselves or even been a touch too lenient.   We then recall last years (and previous years) efforts in dismay, to then slowly unravel an unremarkable success rate.  Right on cue, the shame kicks in!   Surely we have to ask ourselves, is it worth tackling a New Year Resolution in the first place?
Why don’t we actively make the ‘deed’ a reality and part of our routine?

It’s easy to make excuses as resolutions tend to imply you have the option to bail out at any time but what if we introduce a small act of kindness to ourselves and something as basic as cutting back on the dairy that gives us eczema, the grains that bloat us or ditching the car for a walk to the gym.   Of course we’re not suggesting you set aside or ignore the big life changing feats such as giving up smoking or life’s many obesity time bombs, but in all fairness, why the psychological pressure to achieve something we’ve been avoiding all year or most of our lives? 

Sadly, it can take a ‘slap in the face’ type wake up call to our health and wellbeing or our families make steps towards facing shameful addictions or behaviour but who said they have to be big, bold and extreme.  By taking the pressure off and keeping the goal small but effective will nurture that sense of achievement then in turn create positive momentum to make more steps (maybe larger ones) so then no more complaints about the quality of our skin, nutrition and fitness.  

By keeping in mind the mantra, ‘little and often’ which prevents that pending doom a resolution holds, embark on a rejuvenating daily regime of facial massage when applying your moisturiser. Apply your usual amount of face cream or 3 – 5 drops of Ila Face Oil Glowing Radiance with both hands, preferably breathing in the soothing scent of Sandalwood and Rose Otto, then add pressure in circular motions over your face - only tapping gently around eyes as a rule - now increase pressure (you can use knuckles for this) underneath and along cheekbones and jaw line - you’ll be amazed at how much tension is carried there.  This not only improves circulation by kneading away toxins but will boost skin to a revived state of radiance each and every day.

By supporting our body and mind with a daily addition that takes very little effort has to be a bonus, right?  ‘Vitamin D deficiency’ seemed to be the buzz word last year during the long winter months and rightly so.  It is important to top ourselves up and lift our spirits with sunlight, to steer away from early signs of depression as well as enhance the absorption of calcium to strengthen our bones.  Therefore us Brits, especially those of us with a dark skin complexion, should ensure a daily intake of a supplement like Nature’s Best Vitamin D3.

The gut wrenching truth is we are what we eat and our tummy tells us too. Those post-dinner bloat outs aren’t to be ignored as they can be signs of stress and an intolerance or threatened allergic reaction which are linked to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis even acne; in fact if you consider a detox, as soon as you reintroduce food types try to take note of how you feel after eating, then you can determine whether what you consume acts as fuel for your body or a zapper of your energy levels and additional symptoms. A daily dose of digestive support such as Udo’s  Choice  Super 8 Microbiotics, equipped with 8 strains of bacteria to maintain gut balance, is a superb option when our system comes under attack, for instance, when we take prescription medication such as the pill or antibiotics, which can cause inflammatory symptoms and weight gain.

With well-being additions such as these everyday is a step towards enriching your inner and outer self which will improve quality of life, not add shame of not seeing something through.  Even a regular walk or hopping off the bus a stop earlier to get the heart pumping will be beneficial for those of you who are office-bound.  If you strive for improve your intake of water keep bottle with you at all times to insure the recommended 1.5 litres per day is at hand to hydrate your system, concentration and skin health, eh voila!  It’s a new year and new you without the resolution and just a good dose of daily significant routines!

Article by Nadira V Persaud. Nadira is a highly sought after international Make-Up Artist with over 15 years experience, through which she has developed a distinct style and an enviable portfolio. Highly regarded in the beauty industry, Nadira maintains diversity and vision in her work and has worked with a roll-call of high profile clients from the world of music, film, the arts and the modelling world.

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