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Autumn/Winter Skin Care Routines

Friday, 27 September 2013

With the changing season should also see a change in your skin care routine; your skin has to battle against constant temperature changes from the cold weather outdoors to the warm central heating indoors, causing water to evaporate from the skin to leave it dry and dehydrated. For some people, the effects of this can mean dull, tight and uncomfortable skin while other reactions can be more severe, from flakiness, chapping or sensitivity to aggravated eczema.

Sam Sargent's Skin Care Rituals

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

If you think that your skin is just an outer casing for your internal body, then it’s time to think again. Your skin is a highly complex functioning organ that reflects your total health and wellbeing. Maintaining the health of your skin, helps to promote the health of the rest of your body and mind, and maintaining the health of the rest of your body and mind helps to promote healthy glowing skin. This holistic point-of-view can be the solution to all your skin problems.

Stay Beautiful!

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