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How To Survive The Party Season

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas is coming and we’re full of festive cheer! To help you prepare for the onslaught of parties and present preparation, here’s our guide to surviving the festivities unscathed…

Keep a well-honed beauty stash to hand for any impromptu nights out; bright lippie, concealer, mascara, your fave eyeshadow and blush are all a must.

You’ll probably be preening far more than most months so keep your skin, hair and nails in good order with Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend for a glowing complexion, lustrous locks and strong nails.

Christmas is a time where over-indulgence often comes as standard and your digestive system can take a bit of a battering. Give it a helping hand with Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend, a blend of seven active plant-based enzymes that assist the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, soluble fibre, starch, milk sugar and complex sugars to help healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

If you’ve had one too many late nights then combat tired-looking eyes with a time-honoured pep-up using slices of cucumber to soothe, refresh and de-puff in no time.

If there’s a party calling your name and you’ve not styled your hair, opt for a side bun for quick-fix instant glam. Create a deep side parting then wrap your hair into a low bun on the opposite side, teasing out a few tendrils for a more relaxed look.

Don’t leave things until the last minute! The feeling of being well prepared far beats the inevitable stress that comes with having to rush around on Christmas Eve, among a hoard of other ill-prepared people all trying to find perfect gifts for 10 different people before the shops close.

Nothing looks better than someone having a great time so relax, enjoy yourself and have a very merry Christmas!

Article by Jenni Retourné from Style with Substance.

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