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Sam Sargent's Skin Care Rituals

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

If you think that your skin is just an outer casing for your internal body, then it’s time to think again. Your skin is a highly complex functioning organ that reflects your total health and wellbeing. Maintaining the health of your skin, helps to promote the health of the rest of your body and mind, and maintaining the health of the rest of your body and mind helps to promote healthy glowing skin. This holistic point-of-view can be the solution to all your skin problems.

Incorporate the following healthy skin care rituals to your daily life, and experience not only a healthy glowing complexion but a happier and healthier body and mind.


Start each day with dry skin body brushing (followed by a mini self-massage in the shower) to stimulate circulation, increase cell renewal, cleanse the lymphatic system, strengthen the immune system and help in the treatment of cellulite, among other things.

Exercise regularly to help improve circulation but not alongside traffic (ie. to help minimize inhalation of exhaust fumes).

Reduce stress by learning how to cope with daily challenges and remember to nurture yourself inside and out before spiraling into a stressed state. Practice meditation, give yourself a massage, have a relaxing bath, go for a walk, practice yoga, simple breathing exercises or whatever else it is that helps to maintain your sense of calm and a balanced state of mind.

AVOID your exposure to tobacco smoke, pollution, pesticides and excessive exposure to the sun 


Choose certified organic produce – as much as possible.Eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods such as brightly colored fruits and vegetables that are in season: berries, kiwi, carrots, sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli and watermelon.

Add a tablespoon of Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend to your smoothie or salad each day to help prevent dry skin, inflammation, acne, dandruff and a long list of other benefits. Why Udo's Choice? It is by far the most superior oil blend on the market, containing the ideal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids. I certainly notice the difference this oil makes to the health and beauty of my complexion and overall wellbeing.

Eat plenty of nutrient dense foods such as chlorophyll, hemp seeds, cacao, maca root powder, goji berries, aloe vera juice and coconuts.

Eat plenty of phyto-oestrogen rich foods such as soya, linseeds, celery, parsley, beans, fennel and alfalfa, that help the body in times of hormonal change such as puberty and menopause.

Ensure that you are drinking an adequate amount of clean filtered water every day, and replace coffee and tea with herbal teas that help with detoxification.

Drink apple cider vinegar and eat probiotic rich foods to help improve your digestion and immune system.

STOP smoking; AVOID alcohol and caffeine; REDUCE your intake of processed foods and take-out foods with added chemicals and processed ingredients; AVOID refined table salt, sugar, saturated fats and fried foods; REDUCE your consumption of meat and dairy, or better still, AVOID completely; AVOID soft drinks, cordial, bottled juices and vitamin waters that are full of sugar and artificial additives.


Nourish your skin with natural plant extracts such as jojoba, rosehip, argan, coconut, hemp and sweet almond oils.

Choose natural or organic products for your face and body, and remember to read the complete ingredient list and if it contains mineral oil, parabens, fragrances (synthetic), colours (synthetic), sodium lauryl sulphate, mineral oils, propylene glycol, phthalates, sulphates etc, best to put it back on the shelf and choose another brand. These synthetic ingredients are known to trigger acne, clog pores and interfere with the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins as well as being linked to cancer, allergic reactions, rashes, and are known respiratory irritants and hormone disruptors.

Utilise the healing benefits of aromatherapy. Research has shown that essential oils have the ability to improve circulation, moisturise dry skin, reduce oiliness, rejuvenate stressed skin and assist the healing of damaged skin. Long term use of essential oils will contribute to the health of skin and help to keep skin supple by helping with the cellular renewal process.

Sam Sargent is an holistic nutritionist. She is the founder of Be Genki, the author of Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Genki, and is regularly featured in the health and beauty pages of Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, Better Health, EcoLuxe and Real Living magazines to name just a few.

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