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The Face of Udo's for Beauty Announced

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

After a national search for a face that represents natural beauty, 25 year old professional ballroom dancer Sarah Smith from High Littleton, Bath has been selected. On Thursday 25th July, a judging panel made up of make-up artist Jemma Kidd, celebrity hair and make-up artist Michael Ashton and photographer Tiffany Mumford chose Sarah from four finalists that had been selected by public vote from over 120 entrants.

The criteria included that candidates have a natural beauty about them, coupled with a lifestyle and diet supporting ‘beauty from within’. The finalists gathered in London and were interviewed and screen-tested, after which Sarah was selected as having the skin, hair, lifestyle and nutrition that best represented natural beauty. Sarah will now become the face of our new multimedia beauty campaign and complete a professional photo shoot to obtain campaign images. 

According to judge Michael Ashton “Sarah radiates beauty from within and nourishes her body with the necessary nutrients to sustain her natural beauty. With a flawless complexion and thick, luscious hair, Sarah is perfect to be the ‘The Face’ of the Udo's Choice Beauty campaign, and I'm excited to be working with her on the shoot!”

Sarah said “I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen and am very much looking forward to representing a brand that I believe promotes and enhances the true meaning of natural beauty.”

The panel were impressed with the quality of all four of the finalists and praised their natural approach to their beauty regimes. Fellow judge Jemma Kidd said “These finalists were a great example of how we can bring out the best in our skin and hair without the need for lots of make-up and product. Beauty really does come from within and what we put into our bodies along with our lifestyle really does affect the way we look and feel.”

As a keen sportswoman from the age of 7 and a dancer since she was 18, Sarah is just in the process of turning from an amateur to a professional ballroom dancer. To perform at such a level she has to keep herself in peak condition and her diet has been an important component of her lifestyle.  

“Good nutrition has always played a significant part in my life helping me to maintain a clear complexion and healthy hair and it has played a key role in allowing me to perform to my potential both mentally and physically in sport as well as dance.”

About Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Ultimate Oil Blend is a blend of seed oils that provide Omega 3,6 and 9 in a ratio of 2:1:1 which mixes in with food or smoothies to boost the amount of essential fats in our bodies to promote optimum health and bring the best out in skin and hair. Essential Fats play an important role in cell function and without enough of them in the right balance, skin and hair can become dry and lacklustre. Essential fats help the skin and hair cells retain water, effectively moisturising from within.

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