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The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Friday, 6 June 2014


Thought that coconut oil only belonged in your kitchen cupboard? Think again! Coconut oil is becoming a Holy Grail product for many a woman’s beauty needs and given that coconut oil is completely natural, easy to get hold of and very affordable, what’s not to love? We’re hooked.
This wonder ingredient doesn't just have one beauty benefit – there are a million different beauty uses of coconut oil. Here are just some of our favourite beauty benefits of coconut oil:

Nourish your skin at night

Swap your usual night cream for coconut oil – the fatty acids naturally present in coconut oil provide an intense hydration hit and help to protect the skin’s natural barrier to lock in moisture.

Remove mascara and tough make-up

A slick of coconut oil on a cotton pad makes a highly effective make-up remover and even gets rid of waterproof mascara – just make sure you don’t get it in your eyes!


Bring condition and shine to your hair

Hair loves coconut oil and will repay you with gorgeous condition and shine. You can either use coconut oil as an all-over hair conditioner by warming it between your hands then applying it through the lengths of your hair (avoiding the roots), or help treat dry, damaged ends by applying it to the tips of the hair only. Rinse off thoroughly.


Treat your cuticles

For soft, supple cuticles, apply a dab of coconut oil to the base of each fingernail and massage it in. your nails will thank you for it, too.

Make your lips luscious

Coconut oil makes a fantastic lip balm; just as the fatty acids are heaven for your skin, they are also a godsend for dry, cracked lips. If you have a small, empty pot, decant some coconut oil into it for lip care on-the-go.


Ramp up your meals and smoothies

They say beauty starts from the inside out, so why not include coconut oil in your meals and smoothies? If you’re a fan of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend then you will be pleased to know that this super-oil includes coconut oil alongside a raft of other premium omega oils to benefit skin, hair and nails.

Article by Jenni Retourné from Style with Substance.

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