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Top 5 tips for healthier, happier skin

Friday, 13 December 2013

Smooth, clear, radiant skin is the holy grail of beauty and yet it can often be difficult to achieve. Pollution, a poor diet, smoking, bad skincare habits, dehydration and stress are some of the leading factors that can take their toll on your skin, and the resulting effects can include dryness, sensitivity, oiliness, spots, wrinkles, or a dull, lacklustre complexion.

But never fear; it is easier than you think to get better skin, as long as you stay committed. Here are our top 5 tips for healthier, happier skin.

1. Water. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of water for the health of your skin (as well as your body). Drink around 2 litres of water every single day and watch your skin become brighter, smoother, clearer and plumper.

2. Follow a proper skincare routine morning and night – every single day. Many people already have a skincare routine for the morning, but it is so important to do this in the evening as well. Yes, even when you are tired. Yes, even when you have had one too many glasses of wine (especially when you have had one too many glasses of wine, as alcohol dehydrates the skin).
Sleeping with dirt and make up on your face plays havoc with your skin and night time is also a great opportunity for your skin to absorb nutrients and moisture from your skincare products while you sleep. Make sure your routine includes cleanser to remove dirt and impurities, serum or oil to treat the skin with nutrients and moisturiser to hydrate the skin and keep it in optimum condition. Assess your skin type and choose products that are most suited to your skin’s needs. If you are having trouble determining this, book yourself in with a facialist and ask for their expert advice.

3. You are what you eat, so the saying goes, and your skin is truly an outside reflection of what you are putting inside your body. If your diet is high in salt, sugar and processed foods then your skin will suffer as a result. Try to replace some of these types of foods with fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts; all of which contribute to healthy, glowing skin. For an extra treat, try adding our Ultimate Beauty Smoothie to your daily diet, the added Ultimate Oil Blend in this recipe will not only help to improve your skin but also your hair and nails too.  

4. Chill out! Stress releases certain chemicals in your body which in turn makes skin more reactive and sensitive – hence why many people experience a break out of spots when they are feeling the strain. Schedule in a weekly pamper session to unwind and give yourself a bit of ‘me’ time. Run a bubble bath, light a candle, put on soothing music and relaaaax. Use this time to give your skin a treat, too – before getting in the bath, cleanse and exfoliate your face, then apply a face mask and leave it on to work its magic while you have a soak in the tub. The heat of the bath will encourage your pores to open, thereby allowing the face mask to penetrate deeper for more effective results.

5. Give your skin a break and go make up-free every once in a while - your skin will love you for it. If you can’t face the thought of walking around without make up, try taking your make up off as soon as you get home each evening instead of waiting until you go to bed – this will still give your skin around an extra 3-4 hours of breathing space every day.

Interview by our resident beauty writer Jenni Retourné of Style with Substance. With a career in the beauty industry spanning almost a decade, Jenni has a huge interest in health and nutrition, believing that everything you eat has an effect both on the outside and inside.

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