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Nadira V Persaud: Well-Being Remedies

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

We read about ‘stress’ all the time, ignoring the warning that its deemed the ‘silent killer’ and for a moment we think we must do something about that (pause), then return to the daily grind of filling ourselves with dread at the sight of the looming to-do list and simply battle on. What more can we do when there is so much to rattle through in 24 hours, and the string of deadlines to sign off by the end of the week?

If like me, you’ve a constant yearning to get on top of things but very aware of your body’s sensitivities to stress throughout your adult years, you strive to fit in some level of support into your lifestyle without a drastic, time consuming, detox like change.  Well, I think I’ve done it, I really do and as painstaking as it has been for me battling for five years plus, I grant you that it will not be for you as its simply five well-being remedies all geared towards a more beneficial health and beauty routine, even a more relaxed you.

Before discovering my well-being remedies, I identified certain lifestyle habits, which I’m sure you’ll be familiar with yourself. I am that person who declares, “I’m fine, I’ve just got to get on with it!”, often unaware I was suppressing my anxieties due to the mounting pressure that I couldn’t stop work to take a break or whisk myself off to the nearest beach destination to escape. Instead a slippery slope would slowly carve away my mental and emotional stability appearing initially with my appetite in the form of sugar cravings as I thought I could not award myself with a well-balanced meal.  Then I noticed an irregular sleep pattern resulting in lack of concentration on the most menial tasks. My skin would appear dull with my under eye becoming increasingly darker and my hair lifeless and at times thinning at the temples. This bundle of dreariness made me feel worse as I couldn’t disguise that I wasn’t coping. However, now there are five glimmers of hope towards top to toe ‘Operation TLC’ with daily and weekly ‘good habits’ to swerve stress and support general health, skin, hair and nails without having to break out into a sweat. Here are my five well-being remedies:

The aim of the game is to keep our bodies alive and kicking so I boost my immune system with Organic Burst, Baobab, a ‘superfood’ fruit powder with extraordinary energising benefits which also optimises iron intake, a must for us ladies, and in addition keeps sugar cravings at bay. I add a heaped teaspoon daily to water, juice or a fruit smoothie.

I also take a daily dose of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend to ensure optimum intake of the all-important Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids from Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed, and Evening Primrose Oil to name a few which tend to my skin, keeping it plump and radiant – it also sees that my joints remain in good health. I mix a tablespoon or two into my morning smoothie, pour into soup at lunch or drizzle over salad in the evening - tastes much like a nutty flavoured dressing!

Melvita Organic Argan Oil is a repairing oil which nourishes skin, hair and nails boundlessly. It’s pure and potent so I add only a few drops to my moisturiser in the morning for extra kindness and hydration or massage into my parched cuticles. It’s also ideal if hair feels dry to smooth a few drops to ends for shine and lustre.

Showers are invigorating but nothing beats a soothing hot bath with Maddi Alexander Serene Bath Soak – a natural, sensory blend of ethically sourced ingredients like zingy powered orange peel and softening shea butter a few nights a week to empty my mind and have me in slumber mode.

I spare just 15 minutes once (sometimes twice) a week to face my complexion head on with Orico London Skin Brunch Face Mask to help restore my glow and rid my skin stresses. The anti-oxidant mask, rich in vitamins courtesy of the Kukui Oil, powers skin with hydration, plumpness and enviable radiance!

Nadira V Persaud is a highly sought after international Make-Up Artist with over 15 years experience, through which she has developed a distinct style and an enviable portfolio. Highly regarded in the beauty industry, Nadira maintains diversity and vision in her work and has worked with a roll-call of high profile clients from the world of music, film, the arts and the modelling world.

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